Vistare Foundation | Vistare Foundation Girls’ Home – Newsletter January 2021
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Vistare Foundation Girls’ Home – Newsletter January 2021

Vistare Foundation Girls’ Home – Newsletter January 2021

Asia Education Foundation (AEF)

We, at Vistare, are all doing well. The situation here in Nepal has resumed to normalcy. All the sectors of the country are open including the educational sector which opened recently. We are following all the precautionary measures in order to keep ourselves safe from all kinds of contract of viruses.

As situation is not completely well here in Nepal, and nor is it in the other parts of the world. The world is still suffering and people have learnt how to be safe and alert to move on. Here in Nepal too all things have started to resume as normally as possible. Though schools and colleges have started their physical classes and the country is fully open, somewhere in the heart the fear of COVID 19 still exits. Nonetheless, COVID vaccine has been received by Government of Nepal with the support from Government of India, which is a good news for all of Nepalese. But it is not enough for the entire population of Nepal.

We are hoping to get vaccinated soon.

Download: Newsletter of the month of January 2021